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Marriage 911 Testimonials

“As a Clinical Psychologist, it is hard to find a professional who I can turn to when I need help.  Mark is really good at understanding human nature, (both men and women) in ways that I could never do for myself.  No matter how professional a person is, you just can’t ‘doctor’ yourself; you need someone with incredible understanding – real life understanding – along with the educational background and ability to teach in ways that are easy to take in.  Mark is that guy…WOW!!!  What a difference he made in my marriage.  We were headed for divorce, but now we are closer than we have ever been.  Thank you!”  female professional in charge of a team of psychiatrists at one of Oahu’s major hospitals.

“I learned tools that I never had been exposed to before. The curriculum that we worked with laid out concepts that I immediately connected to. I finally understood why I do the things I do and why I always gravitate towards them in times of stress or conflict. I also have as stating point to better understand my spouse and why he does the things he does. I also felt that Mark kept the material relevant and engaging and personal. I like that he took just a few large concepts and broke them down into understandable and applicable techniques. I also like that we reviewed a few times for deeper understanding. I appreciate the experience you bring and the intuitive nature you have in order to serve the needs of the group the best. You have a talent and gift. Keep it up!! P.S. The group format is so very helpful as well.” S.V. from Waipio Gentry

“Yes! I would recommend this retreat for the following reasons: #1 Group format – this was invaluable for helping me and reminding me that we are not alone in the struggle. I glean from others and am encouraged by their willingness to be transparent and honest. #2 The tools and concepts were eye opening - They gave me encouragement and hope (especially the “heart talk”) I learned how to keep a conscious effort to be aware of my own fears and reactions and how to diffuse that in others by seeking the reasons BEHIND their behaviors. #3 The readings and short assignments and even use of the “movie night” are all helpful for me to understand myself better and the dance I tend towards. P.S. Thank you Mark, I am really grateful for the opportunity and the life experience and knowledge you shared. I will DEFINITELY put this into practice and work on learning how to do this in my life.” L.K. from Kaneohe

“The location of isolation starts the process of focusing on the relationship and it makes you open up to communication with my spouse. I would recommend this retreat for the following reasons: The introduction to the “tools” to better communicate my wife and understanding why I operate the way I do. I now understand my “imprint” and I can understand what I want in my relationship and be able to manage the cycle of my fears so I can better communicate with my wife. Just being able to identify the emotions and fears are huge for me. I really resonated with the statement: ‘Do you want to be right or do you want to be connected?’ Thank you so much for caring Mark! You have changed my life and I am sincerely grateful. How about offering follow retreats so we can see more about how to use these new tools?” J.E. from Mililani

“All I wanted was to better understand my beautiful wife and for her to better understand me. That need was absolutely met!!! Not only did this retreat meet the need in my marriage. but it opened my windows to so much more – to all of my relationships and to people in general. Every couple needs to be here, whether their relationship is full and health or empty and volatile. I cannot say thank you enough.”M.E. from Kahaluu

“I believe it is important to have the tools necessary to deal with conflict and with this program you are given just that. It presents you with ways to be equipped, not only with marriage but with all relationships of life. With knowledge comes power and you are definitely left with the knowledge of things you never knew that gives you the power to overcome obstacles! I have enjoyed how with every issue you are taught how to connect on an intimate and deeper level and dig to the core so that it becomes relative to almost every issue on a broad range. This experience has definitely been rewarding to me. I enjoy group sessions with the smaller groups because it allows you to see how everyone is similar and how life problems stretch any field, age and cultures included.” C.E from Waipahu

“I thought it was VERY valuable to learn what our wants and fears are. For me, they have been defined before. Now that I know, not only for me., but also for my husband I (we) can start on changing for the better. Thank you Mark.” K.L. from Waimanalu

“This retreat has been eye opening. The presentation helped me to better understand my wife and myself. It is a great step to begin a new relationship. In my opinion, all people in relationship should come to this retreat, not just married couples.” W.A. from Mililani

“Before coming up here, I had the mindset that in order for healing to happen in my marriage my husband needed deliverance from his past. Now, I see that with my extended grace and understanding his wants, I can probe to reach together areas in our conversation that can create a connection and mutual satisfaction for both of us.” K.A. From Mililani

“One thing we learned at this retreat is something called “The Fear Cycle” It was very revealing in identifying the signals or triggers that happen when conflict arises, the motives behind it and a plan for me to get out of that destructive cycle or to help him get out of the cycle. I would recommend this retreat to others.” G.O. from Mililani

“It was great to see on paper what our fears, reactions and wants were and how we can spin out of control. But most importantly, we received the tools to get off the negative cycle. The off ramp of “She/he feels as if…” has helped me to turn from debating about facts and information into the feeling realm. Also, seeing my wife’s feelings as something that is happening in that moment that I can enter into has helped me to keep from becoming defensive.” W.O. from Mililani

“Enjoyed everything about the weekend, Mark, your teaching style and demeanor was very enjoyable. The accommodations were wonderful and your insights tools and teaching were very enlightening. I really enjoyed the group atmosphere and being with other couples in the room sharing.” I.V. from Waipahu

“The location, food and peaceful surroundings make it safe to be real and authentic. There were no outside stressors to interfere with focusing on self. Great tools for awareness and eye opening for self improvement and wanting to become a better human for family and even for society.” C.E. from Mililani

“Yes! I would recommend this retreat to others. Why? Because it gets to the roots of the core and there is no trouble that can be worked on. I also brings a positive attitude to all involved. I think it is all very touching and heartfelt.” V.K. from Kahaluu

“My eyes have been blind and how I can see the love that God wants for us: to love unconditionally and to forgive one another.” R.L. from Waimanalu

“The Marriage 911 retreat is a life-changing experience. Mark did a great job and dissected it well on how to manage conflicts in smoother ways and made us understand our needs and our spouses’ needs. This retreat helps marriages that are really in distress and move on to healing instead of dwelling on the problems.” M.E. from Honolulu

“I felt the tools that Mark presented allowed us to break through long standing barriers because it was a whole new approach for us. I am leaving with genuine hope for our future together which is really a miracle. I saw my spouse actually ‘hear’ things that have frustrated me for years.” A.E. from Honolulu

“I am not trying to ‘blow smoke’ but this retreat has been invaluable. Not only has Mark explained but also proved concrete tools for relationship building and understanding. I came in feeling ‘misunderstood’ and ‘right’ and I am going out realizing my need to understand and how being ‘right’ is not prudent in relationship building.” D.C. from Mililani

“I would recommend Marriage 911 to others. I learned how to feel the depth of what marriage is about. We had a wonderful time and I sure learned a lot. Thank you Mark!!” M.C. from Mililani

“I loved how it allowed for the barriers we’ve put up to protect ourselves, to truly come down.  I feel a true renewed sense of hope for our marriage and that there are real tools to help us when we get home to continue on this lifelong journey as PARTNERS!!!  I believe my spouse REALLY got into my heart to see ME…and could see WHY we are in this TOGETHER!”  TK from Wahiawa


“I’ve come to feel and understand how miscommunication in my relationships can go down a very destructive path, but being able to connect and be on the same page is wonderful – not to solve problems per se, but to understand one another.  I would recommend this program because I can truly see how it can help anybody in a relationship.  When it comes to critiquing the overall retreat – I wouldn’t change anything.”  DK from Wahiawa


“I loved the small group setting and the experiences Mark shared.  Being able to show how important understanding one’s spouse is to communication/connection was an important concept which I have learned.  How we communicate, desire and act within our styles of imprints shed light onto a lot about history.  Thank you so much for sharing, teaching and allowing us to be here to grow as a couple and as a family at home.  Thanks you!!!  HL from Kailua


“I would definitely recommend this Marriage 911 retreat to others!  It improves communication and helps couples understand each other on a level that lets each receive what they need from their marriage.”  JL from Kailua

“I think that the retreat format is an excellent approach.  The focused time and intensity seemed to haven us a foundation to build on.  The Fear Dance is very helpful in identifying our needs and our argument pattern.  Learning Heart Talk is amazing as it helps us connect on a more effective level.  Having two days of dedicated and uninterrupted focus on our relationship, alone with our new tools, gives me great hope that we can grow into the loves we both desire.”  Husband from Waikiki

“This experience was amazing!  It completely explained why my husband and I couldn’t agree on important issues.  The retreat explained a lot about my childhood and why I act the way I do.  I love that I know now exactly what I can do to create a lasting, passionate marriage.  I would totally recommend it for people who are constantly arguing or feel “stuck.  I wished we could have stayed longer!”  Wife from Waikiki

“I would absolutely recommend this program to others I know who would benefit.  Mark has a wealth of knowledge that I was clueless about.  He is an awesome teacher and explains the concepts so simply for me to understand.  It will be a life changer for myself and my wife to constantly practice on a daily basis as we continue on our journey of living the quality of life that God intended for us.  Mahalo Ke Akua for Mark and his gift of giving!  Husband from the Windward side of Oahu

“I think the information was given in a clear male and female friendly way.  It gave me major insight as to why we are the way we are and why we react the way that we do when triggered.  I think that they tools that I have gained this weekend will help, not only with my romantic relationship, but with all of my close relationships that have issues:  like my children, siblings, parents, etc.  Wife from Kapolei

“Mark’s presentation was very unbiased (not favoring the guy or the girl in the relationship).  It was positive, not about the negative.  The retreat was about understanding each other and bringing out the good.  Never at any time during the weekend did I feel defensive or angry. (I say that because I normally feel that way with therapy.)”  Husband from Kapolei

“Both my husband and I are therapist-counselors and have been in couples counseling ourselves for almost 7 years on and off.  What Mark and his Marriage 911 retreat was able to accomplish in 2 days was nothing short of a miracle.  The curriculum was well thought out and each lesson built on the one before with purpose so that they journey as an individual and couple would be eye-opening.  I felt safe to explore my feelings and never felt judged my Mark.  He is truly passionate about what he does and has a gift of taking you to a deeper level of understanding and connection with your spouse.  Thank you Mark for helping us rekindle the spark of our marriage.”  wife from Manoa


“This retreat helped me to understand what was missing in my marriage and what my wife was longing for from me.  Mark also helped my understand myself and indentified what I needed to do as a husband.  He gave me clarity and guidance.”  husband from Manoa


“I ABSOLUTELY would recommend Treatment Camp.  I always assumed coming to counseling would improve communication between my spouse and I but the magnitude of secrets of intimacy and communications that were revealed here were truly profound.  I feel like Mark has created/discovered and systematically designed a system of breaking through barriers and fostering effective emotional communication between couples.  Why he isn’t SHOUTING THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS and trying to mass produce this for the masses is beyond me.  This is something that would benefit EVERY couple, siblings, parent/child or any combination of relationship would benefit from this therapy.  GROUND BREAKING and profound!!!.  Thank you!!”  wife from Honolulu


“Honestly, I had a fear that we would be given tools that may be used later as ammunition.  My fears were put to rest whining the first couple of hours after talking about the objectives.  I felt this retreat helped us relearn and reflect on tools we learned during marriage counseling with Mark previously.  Now we have come to seek even a deeper understanding of each other and we have learned to respectfully navigate through touch conversations.  I feel that, with practice, we now have the tools to give each other what we need and desire in our marriage.  Recently, I have heard stories of couples or individuals who have seen marriage counselors and they stories were off-putting and seemed biased. My experience with Mark was that he was extremely unbiased.  No pointing of fingers and a “whose wrong and whose right” atmosphere.  This is so important that my wife and I discuss and decide what is right and wrong for us and now we have a way to do so respectfully and effectively.  Thank you for this weekend.  It couldn’t have come at a better time for us.”  Husband from Honolulu

“Marriage 911 allows the participants to explore and begin to understand the roots of the problems a marriage is having.  The tools given during the sessions are understandable and practical.  Mark draws out and is able to pinpoint certain core problems that need to be addressed all while doing it in a what that allows the couples to feel safe.”  Wife from North Shore

“I learned good tools for understanding my wife better.  I feel excited about our future, rather than despair I carried coming into the weekend.  Time will truly tell, but it feels great to know what needs to happen now.”  Husband from North Shore

“I will gladly recommend this program, not just for married couples but for everyone.  The amount that I learned about me here was undeniable.  It was truly and eye and a heart opening experience.  It also helped me open up with myself and actually became familiar with WHO I am.  I can’t’ say thank you enough for that.” Military husband stationed on Oahu

“Marriage 911 helped us find out why we do what we do by knowing our imprint styles.  I now understand my partner and can empathize with him and his love styles.  I feel my partner learned so much about himself and my imprints that can help him to better respond to me in the future.  I think everyone should learn the concept of having “heart talks” and use them more.”  Military wife stationed on Oahu


“I would recommend Marriage 911 retreat.  I learned how to open up and express myself in a better way and how I approach what is bothering me differently.  I also learned how to accept the truth even though it hurts, yet it helps in leading to the actual problem and solving the situation.  It has taught me to become a couple and a partner and not me looking at situations on my own.  It showed me a better understanding how to understanding my partner.  Thank you Mark for giving me the tools in my way of thinking for myself and how I am with others.”  Husband


“I feel the tools that were given will align out marriage for success.  Not only success, but a greater path to intimacy and a healthy relationship for not only each other, but our children as well.”  Wife


“I feel that waling out of here with the tools to communicate between both my wife and I will have a loving effect that can flourish throughout our family.  Using Mark’s analogies, I walked in with a shovel as my tool and walked out with a backhoe to move our relationship forward.”  Husband


“Marriage 911 gave me piece of mind and hope with my partner. I would recommend it to anyone.”  Husband


“Now I realize how truly clueless I was regarding how to express and empathize with my own and my wife’s emotions.  I now have the tools to further my exploration and understanding of emotion.”  Husband


“The curriculum that we used was a great example of the discord that can drive a couple apart.  Mark spoke using clear sentences and examples and Kelli brought nurturing and grace to the discussions.  I felt like they both actively listen and were genuinely trying to help.”  Wife


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