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Chances are you landed on this site because you are searching answers or for ways to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction.  Welcome to the New Horizons approach – the addiction recovery program that Hawaii trusts for addiction recovery treatment, drug rehab, alcohol treatment and substance abuse counseling on Oahu.

New Horizons, The addiction recovery program Hawaii trusts.
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Drug and alcohol Rehab Programs offered at
New Horizons

When it comes to drug rehab, treating substance addiction, chemical dependency or prescription drug abuse, reaching out for help can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.  That’s why we’re here.  This webpage will assist you in sorting through the various options that will lead to addiction recovery.

The New Horizons approach is NOT based on traditional 12 Step or Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy.  Our unique and powerful program utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy format.(CBT)   Evidence based studies show that programs that use a CBT format as part of treatment are much more successful.

Although New Horizons will work with anyone who requests help, we specialize in working with professional white collar workers, military personnel who don't want a paper trail, or the suburban housewife who drinks too much wine.  Our cognitive approach makes recovery attractive and positive for those who like to think through their problems.  Your CONFIDENTIALITY is of utmost importance to us here at New Horizons.  We know that many professionals can jeopardize their career if information about their struggles leaked out to others, so we hold your concerns in the highest regard and go above and beyond typical Privacy Act and HIPAA guidelines for anonymity.

At New Horizons Hawaii we treat every type of addiction:  prescription drug abuse (opiates), cocaine, crack, meth (ice or “Clear”), marijuana, alcohol, heroin, inhalants.  We even treat behavioral addictions like:  internet pornography, gambling and shopping addictions.

New Horizons Counseling has a variety of options to help:

Click on the following link for more information regarding treatment and recovery options:  Treatment Options

  • Outpatient programs – “Outpatient” means a client continues to live at home, go to work and carry on life as normal all while going through a program individually with an Addictions and Recovery Specialist coaching them through the treatment process.   New Horizons offers both IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) and OP (Outpatient Programs) for more about our outpatient programs – click HERE


  • Inpatient Residential – “Inpatient” means a client goes somewhere to live for a short while so they can concentrate 100% on the rehab process without the normal distractions from day to day living.  New Horizons offers a unique inpatient program that is one week in length called “Treatment Camp.”  To find out more about Treatment Camp and when the next one will be offered, click HERE

  • Do Skype or video chat sessions from the privacy of your own home anywhere in the world.  One on one personal counseling without you having to leave your residence.  Email or call for more information on this program.    (808)484-1000

  • Family consultations  - Help!  My loved one is addicted and I don't know what to do!  Do you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction and you are not sure what to do?  I will meet with you or your whole family to educate you on treatment options, addictions and how they work, substance abuse questions, how to approach your loved one and how to create boundaries for sanity.  Options include in office counseling, coming to your home and interventions.  Call for more information about this hands on program.

  • Hawaii Pono Camp - For the first time ever in Hawaii, New Horizons combines with Winner's Camp for a 5 day treatment and recovery camp for teens 13-17 called "Hawaii Pono Camp."  For more information about this camp, please call the number below or visit to sign up.  This camp will happen June 8th - 12th, 2016 and is limited to only 20 teens.  Pono Camp (Pono means, to make things right) will be addressing all addictions:  substance abuse, alcohol and technology.  Call now for more info.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the flyer.  REGISTER HERE


For more information call:  (808)484-1000

Mark Turansky

"We're not here to judge you, we're here to help you."
~ Mark Turansky  CSAC
Executive Director of New Horizons
Author of his new book:
"Figure it, Face it & Fix it
Your surprising solution to addictions and substance abuse"

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Check out the two part video below.  New Horizons was recently featured on the "Recovery in the Islands" TV show sponsored by Hina Mauka.  Executive Director, Mark Turansky speaks about the New Horizons program as well as Treatment Camp.  A camp participant is also featured giving testimony to her experience.

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