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Help!  My loved one is addicted!!!
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Chances are you landed on this site because you are searching for ways to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction.  Welcome to the New Horizons approach – the addiction recovery program that Hawaii trusts for addiction recovery treatment, drug rehab, alcohol treatment and substance abuse counseling on Oahu.

Here are four practical suggestions:

1. Practice Self Care Have you ever noticed when flying on a plane that the flight attendant gives safety instructions and they tell parents to put on their oxygen mask first, before helping a dependent?  I used to think to myself, "No way! I am going to help my child first." That is until I really understood the logic and the difference between acting selfishly and practicing self care.  Simply defined, selfish is being concerned only with yourself to the exclusion of others.  Self care is being actively concerned about yourself AND others. In practicing self care we are including ourselves in our list of most important people and others will benefit too.   At New Horizons Hawaii, we encourage you to resist the impulse to put your life on hold while you go into emergency/panic mode.  Fight the urge to isolate and keep this challenge to yourself.  This is the time to get out, foster healthy relationships and lean on others who will be there for you.

2. Collaborate This is the time for you and other family members and friends to be on the same page as you implement your strategies for addiction and recovery.  It will be important for every person involved to give clear directions and consequences (positive and negative) to your loved one in order to help them get moving in a more positive direction.  The changes you want your friend to make are not easy to do, and he will be ambivalent about making them.  It will be hard for your loved one to change some of his friends, or not be high at parties, or leave events earlier than others. The harder it is for your loved one to make these changes, the more important it is to have your expectations be totally clear. Having different (actual or implied) expectations from your partner or other friends will prevent you from sending the clear messages that they will need.  Approach your loved one together with a quality program like the New Horizons approach, the addiction recovery program Hawaii trusts

3.  Understand what’s behind the behavior - People use substances because they get something from them. Feeling relaxed, exhilarated, less anxious, braver, funnier, part of the group, are all potential benefits of using substances. If there were no benefits, your loved one would not be using substances.   Knowing how substances are affecting your loved one and what is enjoyable/pleasurable/soothing about it is incredibly helpful, because it provides clues about what could happen instead.  For example, if you think that your loved one is drinking in part because it helps him take a break from his hectic schedule, then you will want to think about what other, healthy ways he might be able to get those breaks. You might decide to do more relaxing things together as a family, schedule "work free" time, or relax some of the pressure you notice he's feeling at home.  A quality addiction rehab program like that offered at New Horizons will always address the underlying causes of addiction.  Remember, substance abuse addiction is only a symptom of the real problem. 

4.  Use positive reinforcement When it comes to addiction recovery, positive reinforcement is the crucial concept to helping your loved one. In a nutshell, positive reinforcement means giving your loved one a reward when they do something positive/constructive/not substance-related that you want them to do again (this works at any age by the way!). The "reward" you give can be ANYTHING you think they will find rewarding, such as a compliment, a hug, a home cooked meal, a gift card, or often, simple acknowledgement of what they have done (this is often overlooked). The idea is to find the "gold stars" that help them feel like they want to act that way again. The tricky part is to figure out what's rewarding to your loved one and tolerate the discomfort you might feel in deciding to reward things you think she "should be doing anyway."   Positive reinforcement will help move your loved one away from substance use and toward healthier behaviors. Contrary to what you might have heard before, confronting and using punishment are not the best strategies. Detaching is also not the answer if you want to help your loved one change. Being actively involved and rewarding steps towards healthy change is what will work to help motivate your loved one. "Catch them being good" (as rare as that may seem sometimes!) is a winning behavioral strategy that has been proven to be the best way to help people make lasting change, even when it comes to substance use and addiction.

New Horizons, The addiction recovery program Hawaii trusts.
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Drug Rehab Programs offered at
New Horizons

When it comes to drug rehab, treating substance addiction, chemical dependency or prescription drug abuse, reaching out for help can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.  That’s why we’re here.  This webpage will assist you in sorting through the various options that will lead to addiction recovery.

The New Horizons approach is NOT based on traditional 12 Step or Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy.  Our unique and powerful program utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy format.(CBT)   Whereas 12 Step programs have a relapse and failure rate from 70 to 95%, studies show that programs that use a CBT format are much more successful.  (80 to 90% success rate!!!)

At New Horizons Hawaii we treat every type of addiction:  prescription drug abuse (opiates), cocaine, crack, meth (ice or “Clear”), marijuana, alcohol, heroin, inhalants.  We even treat behavioral addictions like:  internet pornography, gambling and shopping addictions.

New Horizons Counseling has a variety of options to help:

Click on the following link for more information regarding treatment and recovery options:  Treatment Options

  • Outpatient programs – “Outpatient” means a client continues to live at home, go to work and carry on life as normal all while going through a program individually with an Addictions and Recovery Specialist coaching them through the treatment process.   New Horizons offers both IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) and OP (Outpatient Programs) for more about our outpatient programs – click HERE


  • Inpatient Residential – “Inpatient” means a client goes somewhere to live for a short while so they can concentrate 100% on the rehab process without the normal distractions from day to day living.  New Horizons offers a unique inpatient program that is one week in length called “Treatment Camp.”  To find out more about Treatment Camp and when the next one will be offered, click HERE


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