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Do you have a short fuse or find yourself getting into frequent arguments and fights?  Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.  Like the indicator light that flashes on the dashboard of your car, it is a sign that something is wrong.  You can mishandle that warning or even ignore it but often people develop destructive ways of dealing with their relationship challenges.When mishandling the strong emotions that anger can bring, chronic, explosive rage can spiral out of control; it can have serious consequences for your relationships, your health, and your state of mind.  When you gain insights about the real reasons for your anger and acquire new relational tools for conflict resolution, you can learn to keep your temper from hijacking your life.

Understanding Anger

angerThe emotion of anger is morally neutral – its neither good nor bad.  It’s perfectly healthy and normal to feel angry when you’ve been mistreated or wronged. The feeling isn’t the problem—it’s what you do with it that makes a difference. Anger becomes a problem when it harms you or others.    If you have a hot temper, you may feel like it’s out of your hands and there’s little you can do to tame the beast. But you have more control over your anger than you think. You can learn to express your emotions without hurting others—and when you do, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also be more likely to get your needs met. Mastering the art of anger management takes work, but the more you practice, the easier it will get. And the payoff can be huge. Learning to control your anger and express it appropriately can help you build better relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a healthier, more satisfying life.

Thank you for showing interest in the New Horizons Anger Management Hawaii Program. Each class will be both informative and practical as we explore step-by-step methods for greater productivity, better relationships and an overall healthier approach to life itself.  This program works best when clients approach the material with a willingness to learn and a positive attitude about making changes.  This course is ideal for court requirements, businesses, probation departments, human resources, law offices, diversion programs, families, couples and people who are desiring to improve their lives by getting a handle on controlling their anger.  These sessions are an effective way of learning how to better manage and control anger and stress related problems that occur in life.

New Horizons Anger Management Hawaii Program is one to one counseling to give you the personal attention you deserve.  This program is divided into three steps:

1.  Preventing – learning ways to not get angry even when you could get angry by making choices that are constructive rather than destructive

2.  Containing – learning the 4 ways to contain your anger which are:  recognize, retreat, relax and return.

3.  Resolution – learning and implementing conflict resolution skills in place of destructive anger outbursts

This course is court approved

As part of the program New Horizons will provide the following (as needed):  proof of enrollment, compliance progress reports, discharge paperwork and certificate of completion.

Call:  (808) 484-1000

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