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Aloha, Thank you for showing interest in the New Horizons Family Counseling services.  Mark Turansky is known for his no-nonsense style of counseling that helps families understand what the problem is and how to fix it in a very short amount of time.  He is also regarded as “Guy Friendly” which means men gravitate towards his teaching style because he can relate to where they may have a difficulty in understanding their own emotional state and feelings.

The Format:  We start with developing awareness:  awareness of what is REALLY going on, what your issues and baggage are and how they are affecting your current relationship.  Then we move towards solution:  Now that we know the problem, what do we do about it?  Mark teaches a new paradigm of having discussions called “Heart Talk” that is designed to deal with conflict without denigrating into useless arguments.  These practical “tools” will help families flourish in their quest for intimacy and connection and help rekindle the closeness and fun that has many times diminished over time.

There are three levels of programs listed below and their prices.  (New Horizons is a private organization and does not work with or through insurance companies)

  • Communication Booster – This truncated program requires a 3 hour commitment.  In the first hour, I will teach you a form of communication called, “Heart Talk” and then we will practice Heart Talk together under my coaching for the next two hours.  This program is NOT recommended for families who are experiencing lots of negativity and disfunction.  It is for those who are doing fairly well, but need a little boost to make things better.

COST: $225


  • Family 911 One Day Intensive –

9am to 11am - This one day, intensive will begin with assessing each family member’s Imprint Style (in other words, why they do what they do) and how that Imprint Style has a colliding effect with others.

11am – noon – Heart Talk 101 teaching (The communication style that will revolutionize your family dynamic)

Noon to 1pm – Lunch provided by New Horizons.

1pm to 5pm – Heart Talk Practicum – This is where you actually do Heart Talk, guided and coached by me so that by the end of the day, you have experienced how it works.

COST:  $895 – (Lunch included)


  • Family 911 Two Day Intensive – (RECOMMENDED)

FIRST DAY: See Schedule above

SECOND DAY – Morning Session (9am to noon) – Fear Dance:  In this teaching session, you will become more aware of how your own issues, baggage and triggers are negatively impacting the interpersonal interactions of the family and what to do about it constructively.

Afternoon Session (1pm to 5pm) – Heart Talk 201 – Advanced communication techniques (which involve the practical use of validation, affirmation, empathy and compassion to the Heart Talk 101 session)

COST:  $1695  (Included:  Lunch on both days)


For more information on family counseling services, please feel free to give me a call.


Mark Turansky CSAC, ICRC

Clinical Director

New Horizons Counseling


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