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"Recovery Retreat"
An alternative, short term, Intensive Inpatient Rehab Program


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Chances are you landed on this site because you are searching answers or for ways to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction.  Welcome to the New Horizons approach – the addiction recovery program that Hawaii trusts for addiction recovery treatment, drug rehab, alcohol treatment and substance abuse counseling on Oahu.

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New Horizons Personalized Recovery Retreat





Personalized Recovery Retreat Information


An intensive, short term, inpatient treatment
The New Horizons inpatient Recovery Retreat is a 3 day, 2 nights, live-in program located Hawaii’s beautiful North Shore of Oahu in a house located near the beach; the gorgeous Pacific Ocean is only steps from your door. (This venue makes for a perfectly beautiful and tranquil setting for healing.) To enhance the quality of your program, you will work one on one with our Clinical Director, Mark Turansky - Author of the book:  "Figure it, Face it & Fix it."

FAQ – Can a few days really make that much of an impact?
“Clients who make fast substantial progress are likely to show a positive treatment outcome as well as follow up.” Ogles, B.M. Lambert, M.J. Fields, S.A. (2002) Essentials of Outcome Assessment New York: John Wiley and Sons

Wholeistic retreat focusing on mind, body and spirit

Your Personalized Recovery Retreat is custom designed to meet your needs and deal with your specific challenges.  This one on one attention gives you the opportunity to excel quickly into the journey of recovery.

Typical daily routine: You will enjoy a daily healthy routine. There will be engaging sessions between meals that keep you focused on recovery in a fun, positive and dynamic way. Because exploring underlying causes to addiction is such an integral part of the recovery retreat, we will be taking time during the day to enjoy your own private room and enjoy a time of introspective activities that will help you gain valuable awareness to the “why” behind your habitual use. In between your personalized sessions, you will have free time where you can engage in some kind of recreational activity that gets the blood moving (i.e. take a job, swim or walk on the beach)   Your Personalized Recovery Retreat will fly by because there is lots of do and no time to be bored!

Your Wellness Team

Led by New Horizons Executive Director: Mark Turansky (CSAC, ICRC) – Group processing and individual learning will incorporate the curriculum of his new book: “Figure it, Face It & Fix It – Your surprising solution to substance abuse and addiction.” The New Horizon’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy format is founded on timeless truths of wisdom that will set you free from the chains and bondage of addiction. A unique combination using several types of evidence based treatment models that help you get to the heart of the problem and not just the symptom.

***Click the Youtube links below to watch a YouTube video presentation by The Executive Director Mark Turansky on why CBT is both powerful and effective when treating addiction. The following link is part one of three. (total presentation is about a 1/2 hour in length but worth listening to so you can get a feel for the program)


Non-12 Step Approach

At New Horizons, we don’t believe that addiction is a disease with no cure. Unlike 12 Step based rehab centers that insist you have an incurable disease, label you an addict or alcoholic, and tell you that you’re powerless, we treat addiction for what it truly is: slavery and bondage that you can get freedom from. Addiction is only a symptom of something deeper going on. We will help you discover and gain victory over those issues which will lead you to enjoying the life purpose you were intended to live.

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Includes:  You will stay in your own, fully furnished, private apartment by the beach.  For pictures of the apartment, click HERE,  venue costs, individual counseling follow up sessions, treatment recovery program and unlimited, lifetime, group aftercare following the retreat (for Oahu programs). We are a nonprofit organization and so we are trying to keep our costs as low as possible.  Similar inpatient programs of this caliber can cost as much as $30,000 per month.

FOOD:  New Horizons will provide a daily continental breakfast in the morning, lunch and a hot home style dinner each evening. Participants should plan on bringing supplies for their own snacks and favorite nonalcoholic beverages for in between meal times.

COST:   $2395.00

This course is court approved.

As part of the program New Horizons will provide the following (as needed): proof of enrollment, compliance progress reports, discharge paperwork and certificate of completionThere is hope for you If you are someone who needs help, or

There is hope for you

If you are someone who needs help, or know someone who needs help, call our confidential hotline and make an appointment. We will meet with you individually, and explain how and why this program works. There is no obligation for this session, it is just an opportunity to get a clear picture of what this program can do for you. (808) 484-1000

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Recent Testimonials

“The program empowers us instead of making us feel “less-than”.  Yes, I can drink, however, I will lose my benefits.  I became in touch with what I value in this world most and that I can have it all.  It’s so simple and positive that I believe Mark is a true master at how he conveyed they information with his workbook and audio book.  The days were informative, thought provoking and ultimately life-changing.  No pressure – everything was intense but low-key at the same time.  Huge success for me!”  Female from Oahu – issue:  Drinking

“I would recommend Treatment Camp to others.  It was a great atmosphere,, great leadership, amazing message and life changing program.”  Male from Oahu – Issue:  Meth

“Treatment Camp is like no other.  It is a wonderful and out of the box program that works wonders.  I highly recommend this program to anyone with any kind of addiction.  Mark is an amazing soul and is able to connect with anyone on all types of levels.  Thank you Mark for us remarkable experience.”  Female from Oahu – Issue:  cocaine and drinking

“Treatment Camp creates a different way to look at sobriety.  It is a positive way to look at the addict and not to condemn them.  The program is designed to help the person struggling with addiction without any negativity.” Male from Oahu – issue:  drinking

“The New Horizons program and approach gets to the root of human nature causes of why we fall into the pit of addiction and, more importantly, offers a concrete solution of how to stop for good and protect yourself against relapse.  This program was sometimes surprising but deeply meaningful and has truly saved my life and the lives of anyone my addiction may have ruined in the future.  Its “the real deal.”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking

“Mark Turansky is an example of a very knowledgeable individual who has a very extraordinary way of addressing addiction and relationship programs  I also consider him a friend – he has ‘open arms.’  If you are struggling with addiction or relationship problems that I would highly recommend this camp.  Mark will always be a friend and mentor to me.  I wouldn’t change anything about the weeklong experience, it was awesome!”  Male from Oahu – issue:  drinking

“This program makes treatment positive – NOT a punishment.  It is a safe space for healing and learning.  Straight forward, real and full of heart.  Absolutely a valuable, powerful experience for which I am grateful.”  Female from Kauai – issue:  drinking

“Life changing!  Life Saving”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking

“Treatment Camp is chocked full of meaningful tools and life skills you can take home and start using immediately.  Its life changing.  A sure-fire method to grow and mature quickly for a group of people who partied too long and matured too slowly.  I love you Mark!  You are the most amazing and effective person I have every met!”  Female from the mainland states who flew in for the program – issue:  any drug she could get her hands on

“I would definitely recommend this program.  This program has literally saved my life and opened, not only my eyes, but my heart and soul.  Treatment Camp has been a life changing experience for sure.  This program is so powerful and inspirational, no matter what walk of life or problems you face, this is a game changer.  I am blessed to have been here.”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking

“Although I had reasonable doubts about coming here, I was initially at an understanding that this program had a different take on recovery and I was curious.  From the beginning, I totally succumbed to the love and empowerment that was here and the freedom that was given to each of us.”  Female from outer island – issue:  drinking

“Treatment Camp is life changing – more than I expected.  If you really want the tools to change your life, this is the answer.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  meth

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