Relationship 911 Retreat - at last, a program developed for quick and effective results

New Horizons is now offering “Relationship 911" retreats on Oahu's beautiful North Shore

Relationship 911 curriculum will cover:

  • Increasing your Emotional Intelligence – Developing the awareness of what is going on with you and others.  You can’t fix something that is broken without knowing what is broken about it.
  • Learning your imprint style – Each of us has an “imprint style” that we have grown accustomed to using in order to manage conflict.  Learning what your imprint style is and also what other’s imprint styles are will allow you to elevate your awareness to not fall into unhealthy and unproductive patterns of managing conflict.
  • Learning your “Fear Dance” with others – When our issues and baggage are “triggered,” most of us default to destructive defensive habits designed to keep conflict at bay.  These triggers are our fears: fear of not being loved, fear of being misportrayed, fear of being disrespected, etc.  We will show you a “schematic” of every argument you have had with your loved one:  why it happens, why things you are doing is proving unfruitful and what to do to stop the toxic dance.
  • Learning a new style of communication called “Heart Talk” – Heart Talk is the key to the relationship you want.  Heart talk is a method of teaching people the skill of communicating effectively.  It is different from communication done in business.  The objective is to understand another person and BE IMPACTED BY THEIR FEELINGS.          This is compassion.  Compassion is a powerful form of loving someone.  It opens people, it heals, it encourages cooperation and it creates the desire to reciprocate all these things

The New Horizons Relationship counseling programs include:

  • Relationship 911 BASIC PROGRAM - covers four, one hour, video based or in person sessions with you (and your spouse, BF or GF, or family members)
  • Relationship 911 INTENSIVE – covers two, 6-hour counseling days, back to back in office.
  • Relationship 911 Retreat - See schedule below
    • COST: 
      • BASIC PROGRAM - $300
      • TWO DAY INTENSIVE - $895
      • RELATIONSHIP 911 RETREAT - $1995.00 (includes food, lodging and program over 3 days)

NOTE:  For video based programs you will need FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Duo on your phone, computer or tablet.


CALL FOR AVAILABLE DATES:  Other than the dates listed below, we often have other times available on our retreat house calendar.  (M-F)  If the dates below do not work for you, reach out to us today to discuss other possibilities.



We restore hope for your marriage!!




Designed for couples who desire intimacy and connection but cannot seem to overcome chronic conflict, disagreement and distancing.
(read testimonials from past participants in the "911 testimonials" drop down menu tab at the top of this page)

Relationship Intensives through New Horizons Marriage 911 involve a unique program that is both personalized and intimate.  These intensives are designed to restore individuals and rebuild broken relationships. The Marriage 911 intensive is tailored to work exclusively with one couple at a time – you and your spouse or significant other.  Our all-inclusive programs are more than typical marriage counseling, more than a plan to stop divorce or a weekend session at a church. Marriage Intensives are new beginnings, even for relationships where you feel all hope is lost.

How to book your intensive:

Call: 808-484-1000

Look at the dates posted above and call to make your reservation


New Horizons uses the latest counseling techniques popular today:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory and Process interaction all rooted and grounded on timeless wisdom principles.  This course goes way beyond the typical marriage counseling approaches of conflict mediation and “learning to be nicer” techniques and gets to the root problems that have been hidden for years beneath negative reaction patterns designed to protect, control and avoid.  The end result is a new found sense of compassion and  empathy that lead to deeper connection and the intimacy you have always desired.

The first part of the course is designed to help you and your partner identify the negative reaction patterns you both have developed over time. The key to turning things around in your relationship is to be able to discover and understand your own “Fear Dance.” All defensiveness and anger stems from our core fears. We all have them, although we may not recognize them. From those fears we have developed reaction patterns that are designed to get us what we want (intimacy and connection). However, because our reaction patterns are negative and unhealthy they divide us further instead of bringing us together. I will guide you through the process of understanding your own Fear Dance as well as your spouse’s fear dance and then coach you by equipping you to replace those negative reaction patterns with healthy patterns that will ultimately lead to the intimacy and connection and friendship you long for in your future marital relationship. The formula is simple yet profound: Awareness leads to compassion which can lead to change. You can’t fix a problem unless you know what is wrong – we will help you understand.  (see daily schedule below)

A Healing Environment

Customized programs take you away from distractions and routines and allow the two of you to escape to the tranquility of the beautiful North Shore of Oahu.  The focused environment makes your complex situation feel simpler; enabling you to experience the serenity and space you need to focus on yourself … and on each other.


Marriage 911 retreats take place on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu where you will be only steps away from the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the privacy of your own fully furnished studio apartment equipped with private bathroom, kitchen, and wireless internet.  For pictures of the apartment, click HERE

Getting the help you need  – Mark Turansky, Clinical Director and owner of New Horizons Counseling has been counseling for over 20 years.  Mark counsels professionally in the fields of anger management, substance abuse and Marriage 911.  He is a member of the AACC and a Certified Marriage Life Coach.  Mark works as a team with a female counselor so you will have both genders equally represented in a counseling team.

Kelli Turansky - Executive Director of New Horizons and Certified Marriage/Addiction Life Coach.

Hope and a New Beginning – Struggling or even shattered marriages really can come together in new ways. Your life and marriage can be better and stronger than it was before. Take one more step and contact us now. You have everything to gain and so much to lose if you don’t.

Marriage 911 Intensive Schedule


I will ask you do so some reading and fill out some assessments before you come so we can maximize our time together



Arrival - check in to your room by 5pm and get settled

6:30 - Dinner - We will enjoy a family style, sit down dinner with you, your spouse and my wife and I.

7pm - Orientation - We will spend a couple of hours that first evening explaining what we are going to accomplish and how we are going to do that and also give you a chance to express your concerns and frustrations about your relationship.


9:00 – First session begins

12:00 – lunch (provided as part of your tuition)

1:00 – Afternoon session

4:00 - Sessions conclude

5:30 - Dinner (provided as part of your tuition)


EVENING - You will be able to retreat to your own private studio apartment to do evening assignments, have a "date night" or even take a walk on the beach which is about 100 yards from your apartment door.  We can arrange a couples massage in your room for an extra charge.  Please call for details.


8:00am - Breakfast (provided as part of your tuition)

9:00 – Morning session - Heart Talk 101 communication practicum

noon - Lunch (provided as part of your tuition)

1:00 – Final session - Heart Talk 201 communication practicum

4:00 – Intensive concludes

INTENSIVE COST: $1995.00 per Couple

Email us today to reserve your spot

$1995.00  - Price includes: 2 night lodging and 2 days of intensive counseling with two counselors, lodging in your own private apartment studio equipped with your own bathroom and kitchenette and meals (see schedule above)  You will receive over 14 hours of intensive counseling and tons of practical program curriculum with take home assignments post-retreat.

Call now to reserve time frame that works with your schedule.

Frequently asked questions:

How can you accomplish so much in so little time? I have done traditional, office counseling for years where couples come to see me for an hour once a week. We start – stop, start – stop, start – stop. With the Marriage 911 intensive format you get the amazing benefit of synergy and momentum. Instead of going back home to the hustle and bustle of life, work, kids and a job you get to focus 100% on your marriage. I can make more progress in this format with a couple in two days than in 6 months of once a week counseling.

If you want to know how these intensives have impacted others, read through the testimonials in the Marriage 911 drop down menu at the top of this page.

Here is a testimonial from a couple who flew in from the mainland just to do this retreat:

“I was expecting to come into a situation where I was going to get ganged up on and told how wrong I was and that wasn’t the case at all.  I was given tools to help my wife and I not be so blind to each other’s needs/wants and I was given tools to help me learn how to make something that would normally be an argument turn into something more productive for the both of us.  Overall I thought the retreat was a very good, very beneficial program for me.  I was given the tools and information to make my marriage better.  It is now up to me to use these tools moving forward.  I thought everything was beneficial.”
“Mark has helped me find myself and how to grow so I can better understand my husband.  We were able to learn to talk and be whole – as one and not be separate.  The environment and vibe is calming making the retreat more enjoyable to have trust and understanding with the information that we were taught.  There is now a new light at the end of the road to follow.  I loved every minute of my time.”   Wife

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