Out-Of-State DUI Programs

Court Approved – DUI Alcohol Education Program



New Horizons is a nationally recognized program that utilizes a cognitive approach for teaching individuals to make constructive, rather than destructive choices for drinking, drugs, or substance abuse.  New Horizons is listed on the official SAMHSA (US Dept. Of Health and Human Services Substance abuse and mental health Services administration.)

The standard New Horizon, DUI –Alcohol Education program consists of the following

  • DUIIntake, registration and initial interview
  • Alcohol Assessment
  • Curriculum – We use the PRIME For Life program.  PRIME For Life is an alcohol and drug program for people of all ages. It is designed to gently but powerfully challenge common beliefs and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use.
  • Oversee and supervise group counseling/Education (as needed)
  • Individualized counseling and face to face interviews
  • New Horizon “Choice Process” for development of personal motivation and individual responsibility in alcohol consumption.
  • Supplemental DVD curriculum (as needed)
  • Telephone follow up between sessions to monitor progress (as needed.)


When convicted of a DUIin another state, the court system in that state will often allow you to complete a “Hawaii Equivalent” of their requirements.  New Horizons carefully reviews the programs and requirements of each state and will custom build a program to satisfy the courts.  Call or email (below) for more information.  A representative will go over your case and work with your parole officer, lawyer or court clerk to create a custom program for you within the needed specifications for your state jurisdiction.

NOTE:  We specialize in OUT OF STATE programs.  New Horizons does not offer Hawaii DUI programs.

This course is court approved

As part of the program New Horizons will provide the following (as needed):  proof of enrollment, compliance progress reports, discharge paperwork and certificate of completion.

Call:  (808) 484-1000

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