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New Horizons is a nationally recognized program that utilizes a cognitive approach for teaching individuals to make constructive, rather than destructive choices for drinking, drugs, or substance abuse.  New Horizons is listed on the official SAMHSA (US Dept. Of Health and Human Services Substance abuse and mental health Services administration.) Website.

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach is not like a traditional a 12 step program but is a highly successful, one on one system, that will help you to make positive choices that bring you success rather than negative choices that bring you pain.

Our Executive Director, Mark Turansky explains the CBT approach used by New Horizons in his new book: Figure it, Face it & Fix it  Your surprising solution to addictions and substance abuse”

A Positive Approach

The New Horizons Program is a positive, effective treatment for addiction.  We do not utilize aversion, hypnosis, drug therapy or hospitalization.  Instead, we teach a straightforward step-by-step method, that allows the user to achieve and maintain control over their dependency.Minimal Disruption to your life

New Horizons is an outpatient program.  By taking an outpatient approach, the enormous and of unnecessary expense of hospitalization is eliminated.  The individual loses no time from work, personal finances are not affected, and it also eliminates the problem of explaining to friends, family and employer where they have been during their hospital stay.  It’s easy to stay off of problem substances when you are confined in a hospital and can’t get any, but what happens when you get out?  At New Horizons we show our clients how to deal with their dependency in real life situations.  Working one-on-one with our counselor, the client receives the individual attention that is so important in achieving success.  After your individualized sessions are complete, you can enjoy unlimited, lifetime group support aftercare.  Call now for more information.

A Confidential Approach

Confidentiality is of great concern at New Horizons.  An addiction is a personal matter, and we take every step to insure that our client’s involvement in this program is 100% confidential.  We have worked with people in the entertainment industry, individuals with security clearances, as well as many high profile professionals whose careers depend upon their reputations.  Since New Horizons is a private organization, complete anonymity is insured.

An Effective Program

The New Horizons Program shows you that urges to use alcohol or drugs can be overcome.  “Urges” do not have to translate into “using”.  You do have a CHOICE.  This program will help you build confidence so you can maintain control of your dependency in your day-to-day life.  Rather than saying you can’t have or don’t want drugs or alcohol, we show you how to change the way you view drugs and alcohol.  You will learn how to make a conscious choice not to use, because you will come to realize the benefits of being drug or alcohol free outweigh the consequences that result from using them.

Outpatient Alcohol or Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Program – overview:

  • One-on-one personal counseling that treats the whole person:  body, mind and spirit, not just the addiction
  • Confidential:  we recognize that many people do not gravitate towards public groups where “everyone knows my business.”
  • Addiction counseling that aims to help substance abuse treatment patients develop the emotional skills and psychological robustness necessary for long-term functional sobriety
  • New Horizon “Choice Process” for development of personal motivation and individual responsibility
  • Homework assignments and outside reading will be required, Telephone follow up between sessions to monitor progress as needed.
  • At the clients request we offer an opportunity for healing for the entire family system by involving spouses or children in the recover process


  • One month Intensive Outpatient (IOP) – Client comes several times per week for about one month to 6 weeks on average to complete this program – $750.  This is recommended for those who are seriously struggling with addiction and need the regularity of consistent sessions.
  • Two month outpatient program – Client comes once a week for two months – $600 – this is recommended for the client who needs follow up or a systematic approach to staying clean and sober but is fairly stable in their willpower and sobriety.
  • Skype or FaceTime video based sessions available  – Ideal for out of state or off-island residents.  Click on the “contact us” page for more details about Skype sessions through New Horizons


  • Group support - Anyone who is in our program has lifetime access to our optional weekly group support meetings.

These course can be court approved.  As part of the program New Horizons will provide the following (as needed):  Assessment, proof of enrollment, compliance progress reports, discharge paperwork and certificate of completion

Getting Help

If you are someone who needs help, or know someone who needs help, call our confidential hotline and make an appointment. We will meet with you individually, and explain how and why this program works. There is no obligation for this session, it is just an opportunity to get a clear picture of what this program can do for you. For more information call (808)484-1000

Here is a wonderful resource for getting information facts about drugs and drug abuse:  http://www.onthewagon.org/the-real-facts-about-drugs/

Email: newhorizonshawaii@gmail.com

COST: from $600.00

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Chances are you landed on this site because you are searching answers or for ways to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction.  Welcome to the New Horizons approach – the addiction recovery program that Hawaii trusts for addiction recovery treatment, drug rehab, alcohol treatment and substance abuse counseling on Oahu.

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