Testimonies from Treatment Camp

“Dear Mark, first of all, you are a gift from God.  You have made a big impact in me to live a peaceful, wonderful and blessed life.  I know you will touch hundreds of lives and knowing you are helping me and others to LIVE and not DIE!!.  So, you are saving lives.  This is a new and FRESH way that you teach Mark.  I have never heard these concepts that you teach here.  I’ve been through 12 or more rehabs throughout my life and nothing stuck to me or ever helped.  But this New Horizons program is going to allow me to continue my exciting journey.  All my life I have been putting others first.  Now its my time for me to blossom, to be the kind of person that God and myself want to be.  Like I said, before, I have a lot of love to give and I want to embrace good and healthy loving people in my life, and one of them is you.  You are my mentor and I hope that when I have some issues in my life that I always can turn to you for advice.  Mark, you are one of a kind and I thank you for having me here and even picking the right room for me to let my creative ability out.  I love it here, I don’t even want to go.  But I will miss you Mark – The Man of God.”  Female from Oahu who attended camp to address a long history and life of substance abuse and other issues.


“Here at Treatment Camp you are treated, first and foremost, with respect.  For as private and introverted of a person I am, I quickly realized the participants of the camp were all facing the same battle with addiction, therefore, I was among a group that I felt safe with.  The week long treatment was powerful and informative in a way that I truly felt change in my way of thinking when I left.  It was so good for my soul.  Thank you Mark.  You are a beautiful gift from God.”  Female – drinking issues from Oahu


“This was a life changing experience that taught me new skills and techniques for dealing with life’s issues and reminded me of several I had forgotten.  100% positive in its approach!  You start to feel better the moment you get through the first awkward introduction.  I would recommend this camp to others.”  Male – meth addiction from Oahu


“New Horizons Hawaii is a fascinating enjoyable way to approach addiction.  The camaraderie that happens between fellow attendees is remarkable.  The program is fresh, fun and exciting.  I would recommend it to anyone with a serious addiction problem or even someone who just wants to check in with themselves and their life goals, choices and day to day living skills.”  Female – drinking issues from Oahu


“This was my first and ONLY treatment center I will ever need!!!  Don’t believe the movies; don’t believe others’ stories of the negative treatment.  At New Horizons, Mark believes in YOU.  Trust, understanding, love, compassion and a blueprint to sobriety area as easy as “Figure it, Face it & Fix it.”  Do it for yourself and remember, “it’s your program.”  Listen and believe, give it a chance.  It will happen 100%”  Male – drinking issues from Oahu

“The New Horizons “Choice Process” removes the guilt and excuses involved in using.  Removing these burdens frees you up and shifts your mentality to a positive mindset where using becomes the punishment and sobriety is the reward.  New Horizons uses CBT – a scientifically proven, positive reinforcement way to internalize changes in your behavior.)  This shouldn't be called 'rehab', instead, it should be called 'fun-hab!"  Male – heroin user from Canada

“Treatment Camp is a VERY healing way to face addictions of all types.  This program addresses the various components behind addiction and shows us how to facie it HEAD ON which REMOVES ITS POWER over us.  The group process was absolutely amazing!  We all bonded together as a family.  I will never forget this experience!!” Male cocaine user from Oahu


“Treatment Camp is a life changer!  Exactly what I needed.  Brilliant coaching by Mark.  One month’s work in 6 days!!!  This man saves lives and the lives of others who we could run over while driving our cars not sober.  He gives 200% and the program is priceless.” Female – drinking issues – from Oahu


“This is the best way to face your addiction.  No way anyone could think of this or even do a program like this on their own.  I am very happy that I flew over here from the Island of Hawaii.  I got to see that there are real people just like me.  In fact, exactly like me.  No one here was rushed or feeling uncomfortable.  It’s a fast pace with a lot to learn form.  Mark Turansky is an amazing human.  There might be another like him but I don’t think there is another man like this.  He is a very good teacher/Life coach.  He makes you feel the feeling of not being a failure.  I love this way of learning and suggest if anyone things of going to a program – this is it.  New Horizons Counseling gets a 11 out of 10!  I got what I needed.”  Male who came to camp for drinking and anger management from the Big Island.


“I have appreciated the emphasis on positive choices and affirming your own values and strengths.  It’s a real pleasure to meet others who are going through the same struggle – to get ideas, gain greater insights and information in a casual atmosphere.  I appreciate Mark’s belief, his unwavering belief, in the ability of ALL of us participants to realize the changes that we seek.  Female who came to camp to address her drinking


“This was a practical, meaningful, one of a kind approach to ending substance abuse and starting a new life.”  Male who came to camp for his drinking issues


“I would recommend this program to others.  Treatment Camp truly gave me a chance to open up.”  Male who came to camp for prescription drug abuse and drinking problems.


“I would recommend this program for anyone who needs to be free from addiction.  You have helped me so much and I am eternally grateful for your wisdom, your insight, your compassion and empathy.  The New Horizons approach to attacking addiction is the best way to overcome addiction!”  Male who came to camp for heroin abuse. 


“Due to past experience with rehab facilities and the positive nature of this approach to recovery, I was instantly attracted to New Horizons.  I feel more confident and secure in my sobriety in 6 days that I did in 6 WEEKS in the past.  Thank you for everything.  Now that the fog has lifted, I can see the future clearly and it is beautiful.  Female who came to camp to address depression and opiate abuse.

“Mark, you started out by instilling trust in the participants (no rules, don’t check through our stuff).  It was non-confrontational.  You made this our program and we can (or not) choose to work through to sobriety.  It was a positive experience where people can grow and become more aware of their addictions and gain tools and insights for recovery.  Awesome!”  (Female – Oregon)

“Treatment Camp gives an out-of-the-box look at addiction and recovery.  I actually thought my situation was hopeless, that I would be an “alcoholic” till the day I die.  When I read the information from the New Horizons website that addiction does not have to be a disease and when coming to this program we would not be label as an “alcoholic” and that it is a non 12 step program – I was sold.  I recommend this to anyone dealing with an addiction.  What can I say about Mark.  He is my life-like angel.  Hi is amazing at what he does.  I have no regrets for coming to camp.  Mark is AWESOME!!!  (male – Maui)

“Mark, from the beginning youw created a safe environment where the setting was supportive.  There was common ground for expression with good open dialogue.  The pace was well formatted, the materials were well presented and we moved at a very good pace that was not over regimented.  The bonding of the group that I experienced was a wonderful expression of unity because you set up a loving environment where we immersed ourselves in the power of human love.”  (male from Big Island)

“In completely unexpected ways, Mark has given me not only the tools to fight my addictions, but he has done it in an atmosphere of love (in him as well as the group setting) and beauty (on the North Shore of Oahu).  His greatest gift, however, has been opening my mind to understanding how I can get here with genuine hope that I had abandoned.  This camp has been life changing. Thank you Mark!” (male from North Shore Oahu)

“Mark, you are an amazing man.  You have a way of making ME feel like I am worth something.  When you told me that I WILL do great things with my future, for once, in years, I believed in myself.  Mark, I would describe you as:  life saver, compassionate, caring and understanding.”  (female from Oregon)

“Yes, I would recommend Treatment Camp to others.  It is very imformative – lots of information and the program is positive, not negative.  Mark – the only word I can think of is AMAZING.  Thank you!” (male from Mililani)

“I am a repeat camper (now returned to do the Life Coaching certification) each time I have taken away different life coping skills.  The first camp saved my life and this one added to it.  Mark, you are a phenomenal mentor.”  (female from Maui)

“This has been a completely positive experience that addresses so many aspects of your baggage and issues; that’s the underlying causes instead of the symptoms.  I really feel changed, cleansed and a completely different person.  So powerful.  Mark, you are an angel – Divine inspiration and intervention.”  (male from Oahu)

“I would recommend Treatment Camp to others.  It is empowering and very educational and it is a great place to learn about what makes you tick and how to fix my problems.  AWESOME!”  (male from Oahu)

“Treatment Camp is life changing.  Mark is able to feel the pain you are going through and show you how to heal it.  This camp surpassed every expectation I had for this week and my future.  I think you nailed it.  Mark, I think you are so special.  I thank God for you.  I’m grateful that He put you in my life.”  (female from North Shore)

“AWESOME!!!  I was really able to focus on self without distraction.  Group is great to get so much feedback.  A lot of information to grasp, but I am motivated and want to learn more.”  (male from Oahu)

“I was somewhat ambivalent when I signed up for Treatment Camp, however, as the time grew closer I became more excited and committed to success.  The Treatment Camp exceeded ALL of my expectations and dreams.  I have found the tools to face my addiction, transform my life, heal my relationships, and embrace the future.  I have come to peace with my flaws, and even accept that I can never by perfect.  In fact, my imperfections are battle scars that I now wear with pride.  This program also taught me new ways to relate with the important people in my life:  spouse, daughter mother and siblings.  My communications with them can be transformed on my end, which will lead to healthier dialogue, effective problem solving and understanding.  I leave here feeling strong, joyous, worthy, loveable, valuable and confident.  Trust me, this is light years from the self image that I held only five days ago.  Mark is an extraordinary leader, empathetic listener, gifted teacher and inspiring mentor.  I would recommend the New Horizons Treatment camp without any reservations.”  TJ from Oahu

“Addiction is just one of my symptoms.  This program got to the underlying causes of why I do what I do so that instead of defaulting to anger, self loathing and substance abuse I can “feel and deal” with all of my emotions so that I can grow into the person I am intended to be.  I find Mark to be passionate, extremely knowledgeable and a true inspiration who speaks genuinely into the lives of everyone he encounters.”  CS from Kailua

“This has been the hardest journey I have ever been through but it made me really see who I am and accept myself.  I’ve learned skills that will help me throughout my life with myself and others I touch.  Mark is extremely insightful, completely easy to talk and a down to earth kind of guy.  He is very genuine and caring for each individual.  I just can’t help but love him!!”  DH from Maui

“I know that to stop my addiction I needed to make that choice.  New Horizons was EXACTLY the program I needed.  Addiction is a choice, life is a choice.  New Horizons make it clear what choice I have to make!!  I have the utmost respect for Mark who took ownership of this program, believed in it and shares it with others.  Mark, you have touched many lives – thank you!!”  FL from Oahu

“I would recommend this program to others.  Mark reached into places I have never been before – right into my soul.  WOW!!  This Treatment Camp may be a small dot in the middle of the ocean but it is a place that has been created which has been so helpful to me and will continue to help many others as we all grow.  THIS IS GREAT!!!”  MM from Oahu

“Mark, you were gentle, effective, connecting, and compassionate.  You kept us on task with tact and grace.  I would recommend Treatment Camp with a triple yes, yes, yes!”  DK from Maui

“The New Horizons Treatment Camp is rehab for your mind, body and soul.  I never knew my life could change soooo drastically in one week!  New Horizons saved my life and the hearts of my friends and family.”  JB from Maui

“Having experienced many addictions and MANY 12-step programs (unsuccessfully, I might add), I believe I finally have acquired a perspective and new tools to address some core issues and a solution which is dependent upon myself.  I found Mark to be a great listener and great supporter.  He knows his stuff and this is wonderfully enhanced by his caring soul.”  TW from Denver

“Up here I realized that I have been living out of my 20’s all the way into my 50’s to the point of total destruction.  The five days at camp have been my pivotal point towards happiness and emotional growth.  I am not alone anymore.  This was life saving!!!  My words for Mark, The Executive Director, are beyond my vocabulary - Compassion and connection to the fullest.  I don’t want this week to end today.  Mark, thank you for this – it was live saving.”  LJ from Oahu

“The first thing that struck me about Mark was that he impressed on me and everyone that this was MY program and there are no CANT’S.  That realization put my rebellious side down and immediately created the place for some good raw truth and healing.  Mark was always on point and a solid teacher and leader.  I experienced in this camp a commitment to seeking to understand the underlying causes to why I use.  The consistent group format, lecture and discussion helped me to stay focused on my program and though it was sometimes uncomfortable, it was deep and searching and revealing as I could piece together my life from the heartbreak, soul searching and sharing of the group.”  DB from Oahu

“This approach to therapy works for many different problems and addictions.  It recognizes the resulting issues people have in their lives:  alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other issues.  Then Mark asks you to delve further into yourself to address the basic problems that resulted behind the addiction issue.  By changing what you may initially perceive as negative you now change your behavior to a positive reward.  This is a real chance to change your life.  I have been so changed by this program that I cannot imagine anything better.  The New Horizons approach is so powerful I am nothing short of having been stunned by its simplicity and power.  I am so happy to have met and been exposed to Mark’s realistic approach to dealing with life and the myriad of issues we have entangled ourselves in.  His answer – this program – is so very powerful and to me personally, a realistic approach to answering our attempts to cure ourselves.  He is as real as a man can be.”  MS from Oahu

“I have been to multiple treatment centers that have been beneficial, but not sustaining for long-term life change and sobriety.  This camp has been the most intensive, heart wrenching real, life changing experience I have ever had.  I feel like I have a program that is personal to myself and my sobriety that I can finally work if I continue to do the work.  I am ecstatic, excited and ready.  I am grateful and feel privileged to have been a part of this amazing and wonderful process.  Mark is the best Director and man I have ever met, he speaks words of wisdom and truth.  Mark is very loving, compassionate and perfect for this program.  He is real.  Gratitude and love are the only words I can leave this retreat with.  Aloha!!”  LL from Maui

“This has been the best and most productive week of my life since my struggle with addiction.  I learned a lot about myself, in particular I learned about the underlying causes of all my using.  I recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction or relationship problems.  If you seriously want to change or get better and you are ready to work to get better, this program is the program for you.”  M.C from Molokai

“This camp was way more than I ever expected.  It was very well rounded and has a great tempo.  We enjoyed Three tasty meals a day and strong schedule which gave me the structure that I was lacking in my life.  We enjoyed healthy and fun activities that promoted connection, exercise and fun competition.  Values and life choices which I was avoiding were brought out and looked at for the first time in quite a while.  I needed that.  To see the reasons behind why I’ve been doing to myself what I have been doing has been enlightening.  The New Horizons program is what I would recommend to others.  Thank you Mark for everything, everything!!  Your Choice process technique is right on, true and real.”  S. L from Haleiwa

“Treatment Camp was awesome, I liked and enjoyed it.  I really liked the approach that was used – it made a lot of sense to me.  It was also great to be there with others who were going through the same thing.  It made me realize the problems I was facing is something that others experience as well.”  R.V. from Waianae

“I really liked the smaller type of group experience.  The food was outstanding.  The program used Cognitive Behavior Therapy and it really works.  The New Horizons process was real and honest and I finally feel free.” F.B from Aiea

“At Treatment Camp I learned to stop using by looking at addiction in a positive, honest and empowering way.  I really felt like this camp was effective in treating addiction.  Plus, Mark is the best leader for the job!!  J.R. from Waialua

“I would recommend Treatment Camp to anyone struggling with addiction because it has been valuable for me to get insight into my past and how it effects my present decision making and thought process.  Also, we were taught to identify my emotional flaws and underlying causes.  I now know that I have been substituting my addiction for my deep need for connection.  Thank you for Treatment Camp!!!  M.N from Manoa

“I had a good and helpful experience,  I met some really good people and had some deep connections with one another.  I would recommend it because it’s so relaxing and I learned a lot about my addiction.  I also learned some different ways to cope and to be clean.”  – B.T. from Mililani

“This program is very practical – it’s about the nuts and bolts of dealing with addictions.  It breaks things down into manageable parts.  It is reality based therapy that helps you to own your program.”- G.L from Kaneohe

“As a person who has been in and out of treatment, I can say that this approach will be the “cure” for addiction that everyone has been waiting for.”  – E.A. from Makakilo

“Mark, you overall were the highlight of the program.”  T.T. from Honolulu

“I recommend this program because it is a totally different approach and I should know since I have been in and out of treatment programs for the past 8 years.  The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach is way better than a lock down program.  The program is easy to understand as we carefully go through it daily and systematically.  I enjoyed the group interaction as well since it helped me to learn tools for success.”   C.N. from the North Shore

“This experience was done with compassionate direction to provide a safe environment for us to be transparent with each other.  I felt able to be introspective enough to focus on myself and get needs met.   I loved that there “are no can’ts.”  C.G. from Wahiawa

“The curriculum is fresh, exciting and empowering.  It’s quite different from other addiction therapies.  The presentation and counsel was impeccable  - very professional and compassionate in delivery.  The life skill teaching format was much more that addiction rehab – more like life rehab.  Thank you Mark.  You have saved lives.   I wish this program were longer.  Please continue it!”  C.E. From North Shore

“In this Treatment Camp you get the one on one time you need to talk about your problems so you can address them.  Mark has something to say to everyone and what he says is really positive.  The curriculum is awesome and always keeps you busy so you really have not time to think about your addiction.”  M.F. from Kailua

“YES!!!!   I would recommend this Treatment Camp!!  Mark, you were able to bring out emotions and reasoning behind why we do what we do.  In one week you have transformed and brought out the true people we are.  You were able to give us answers to questions we didn’t even know we had to ask ourselves.  You have deleted guilt and shame of my past and this has allowed me to finally find myself again. I wish I could tell the world about this program.  My only suggestion is that it would be longer by a few days – that’s it!  Absolutely amazing!!  Thank you so much!!”  W.E. from Kaneohe

“Treatment Camp is an intensive, thorough, ‘wholistic’ program that will challenge your thought processes with the hope of freedom from your addiction.  I liked the flexibility and have no suggestions to make it better.  It was great!”  D.K. from Maui

“This program helped me find the emotional awareness I need to find wholeness in my life.  By connecting certain components, I have been able to identify the cause of my misery and now able to map out my destiny to success.  I went to church to find recovery and didn’t find it, I never thought I would go to recovery and end up finding church.”  E.L. from Mililani

“The small group allowed us to be safe enough to be honest, yet it was big enough to gain valuable insights through the experience of others.  The ‘I can’ approach is reality and puts the responsibility squarely where it belongs – with me.  I gained a deeper sense of who I am, what makes me tick, what I’m looking for and what I need.  And that realization will help me in moving forward in understanding my own emotions and the emotions of others.  Understanding why I do things and what I am yearning for will help me to make healthy choices rather than choices based on running away and relief from my fears.”  C.S from Kailua

I really enjoyed every moment of camp.  I enjoyed bonding with my new friends.  I have not felt this healthy and happy in years.  Next time start on Monday and not on Tuesday.  I loved every moment.” A.K. from Kailua

"The empowering “Choice Process” is amazing!!”  K.B. from Wahiawa

“Treatment Camp was by far the best investment I’ve made in my life.  The simple, yet powerful teachings will empower all areas of my life and decision making.  Having a full 6 days away from distractions to focus on the material allowed me to really take everything in and digest it.  The rooms were clean, the setting was beautiful and the relationships made will inspire me for a lifetime!  I cannot stress enough how powerful this program is!  Whether someone is struggling with substance abuse, addictions or just like me, needing a week to re-establish making healthy life choices – this program is it!!.  I am so wow’ed and inspired by the non-judgmental, empowering and extremely wise spirit of Mark.  He guided us through he program as a friend, allowing us to learn while encouraging honesty and fully embracing our individual struggles free from guilt of shame.  Instead he brought out the understanding and personal power in each of us.”  Female from Canada

“When I came to this program I felt that I was lost.  I am bright, successful, a mother…and a drunk.  I did not know why with all I knew and had why I would reach for that bottle.  I have been an alcoholic for my whole life and I have also tried for periods of my life that I could be a moderate drinker.  I have been in AA and I have tried willpower – always with the same result:  drinking.  Through this program I gained awesome tools to deal with my urges to drink.  Yet more than that, I learned about what triggered my drinking and how to start developing the emotional intelligence to live a new life – a happier life.  A life that involves nurturing myself and giving myself the tools to not reach for that drink and choose to embrace my sober life with newfound passion and joy.  You should also know that the people you will meet are awe inspiring.  Their stories will carry you until you carry yourself.  Finally, and most importantly, I have never met a Recovery Counselor like Mark.  He will move you, carry you, teach you, and bring light into your life.   He did for me.  I owe him my life.  I am forever grateful to this program.”  Female from Kauai

“Treatment Camp was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  The tools that I learned here I will not only use for my addiction, but in all aspects of my life – for the rest of my life.  The approach is refreshing and very different from traditional treatment programs which were uncomfortable and unsuccessful in the past for me.  Mark is the most remarkable person I have met to date.  He is wise, compassionate, engaging dynamic and funny.  The New Horizons approach really resonated in me and I am confident that I can use these tools to conquer my addictions and create lasting fulfilling relationships in my life and finally, once and for all, BE FREE!!-   Female from Kailua

“The New Horizons Choice Process revolutionized my way of thinking of addiction.  It empowered me and gave me back my choice.  Sharing my experience with others helped me understand myself better and gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  Mark, thank you for not judging me and giving me hope for tomorrow.  You changed my life and challenged my way of thinking.”  Male stationed on Oahu in the Navy

“This program puts the accountability and responsibility squarely where it belongs – in the hands of the addict.  It’s an empowering program that challenges the beliefs that we are defected or diseased.  It’s a program not for the victim or faint of heart, unless they are ready to stand up and be accountable for their own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors.  Mark, you are one in a zillion!” – Female from Kailua

“This program, and specifically Treatment Camp, has saved my life.  It’s hard to put into words how powerful this week has been.  I now have tools to use in my life-long battle with addiction.  How do you put a price tag on your life?  I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Mark’s passion to help addicts find peace – other than he is a give from Jesus.”  Female from Kaneohe

“The program in the book is like no other.  The camp and Mark allows you to be free with your feelings and willing to open up.  Also, it was nice to have others go through the program with me.  This allowed me to realize and learn that others are going through it too.  This program was amazing – no judgments, only guidance and trust.”  Male from Honolulu

“My experience here at New Horizons Treatment Camp was life changing.  I came here feeling hopeless and leave here feeling hopeful!  Mark is a blessing and could easily connect with everyone on a personal level.” Female from Kailua

“The camp was great!  Mark is an amazing life coach – the lessons he taught can be used in everyday life.  It goes way beyond addiction control:  warm, caring and wise.”  Female from Kauai

“It was a peaceful time to get my head straight.  Everyone was very accepting.  I learned so much from this program.  Putting the ball back in my court really helped me.”  Male from California

“I would recommend this Treatment Camp to others.  I really enjoyed learning about the emotional styles that will help me address relationship issues.  Mark was very informative and I enjoyed the group discussions.” Female from Ewa Beach

“The Choice Process is invaluable.  The benefit of the group interaction was learning from others’ lives and experiences.”  Male from Mililani

“I did not expect Treatment Camp to be so freeing and open.  There was a lot of freedom which really reinforced the “Choice Process.”  This program was a huge learning experience and being situated on the beach was more rewarding than viewing the time here as a detriment or punishment.  I would recommend this program to others because it doesn't dehumanize or control those who are going through it.”  Heroin User

“Treatment Camp – I would recommend it to others.  Why?  It’s a self help driven program.  It’s honest.  It teaches you that YOU have a choice.  It connects you on deeper levels of communication.  It teaches you to face YOU and only YOU.  I could go on and on.  Mark, keep growing in what you do.  This program promotes honesty and “the truth will set you free.”  Male from The Big Island – alcoholism. 

“This camp was an eye opening experience for me.  I never thought I would respond well to treatment programs because I am an independent person and I know that I can take care of myself.  The best part of this program is that it doesn’t take that away from me.  It celebrates that this is something that I am doing for myself and uses that as a cornerstone to success.  The camp went so well and I really liked the small group size and lots of inclusion and individualized attention.”  Female alcoholic from Aiea

“C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – what a concept.  I can wrap my brain around it.  The Choice process is easy to understand and I feel much stronger learning this program.  I like the fact that support is offered after camp on Monday nights as a follow up after camp is finished.”  Female alcoholic from Honolulu 

“It is a life changing view of how you, yourself can control your own destiny of your addiction.  I would recommend Treatment Camp!”  Cocaine user from Oahu


“The program is brilliant!  I like the fact that we are facing, not avoiding our addiction.”  Meth user from Oahu


“Mark is a very articulate and confident man who is well respected and I think he is on to something with this program.  I would recommend Treatment Camp to others because I really believe in this program.  Since I have been here I’ve learned a lot about myself and why I have an addiction problem while being in a very positive environment.  The Choice Process is a great approach.”  Alcoholic from Oahu


“I’ve been to 12 Step, AA, Jail and through multiple near-death experiences.  This camp changed my thinking and how I view addiction.  The positive approach was informative and touched my heart.  I’d go again!  Mark is a smart man.  What he is doing here is brilliant – almost unbelievable.  Drug user and hard core drinker who flew in from Alaska


“I think Mark’s out-of-the-box approach to recovery is very empowering and refreshing.  This program allows you to take your life back, freeing yourself from addiction and using.  Cocaine user from Oahu


“It is innovative and empowering.  I am sure, if ready, any participant would be successful using the tools of this program.”  Opiate user – Oahu


“Having been in other programs, New Horizons is easily set apart.  The program’s biggest differentiator is empowerment and retention of personal dignity.  I not only understand my addiction now, but recognize how much power and control I have to make right choices going forward.  I do not have to move forward in fear or from weakness.  The pace and process of the program is brilliant.  I want not told what I had done wrong, nor was I told what to do to move forward.  I was led to discovery these things for myself with an attitude of inner conviction.”  Problem drinker from Oahu


“I love how there was no shaming or judgment.  I appreciate the trust with no searches and allowing us to keep our dignity.  Mark, I appreciate how you also survived addiction yourself and were open about your experiences and were very empathetic.  I appreciate your patience and persistence while I got my act together.  Thank you and God bless you!”  Female from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“I have tried so many 28 day programs.  They did not work.  This has been a totally different experience.  I feel better leaving than I ever did any other place.  God bless you!!!  I feel like you set me free.  Amazing program and I would recommend it to anyone.  I feel no shame for the first time.  I have never said that in my life.  There are no words to express my thanks.  You saved my life.”   Female from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“I feel empowered to go on with my healthy life!  It’s a positive way to get on track and live the life we deserve!”  Female from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“It is a very human approach, it allows one to build up their self esteem instead of breaking down their dignity.  Touched on the concept of God and spirituality in a non-denominational perspective while also not using religion as the engine.  I love the psychological approach!!”  Male from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“I am impressed and excited about the positive aspect that this (my) program puts on removing alcohol from my life.  I understand and agree that the group atmosphere is far better than an individual office setting.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“The program empowers us instead of making us feel “less-than”.  Yes, I can drink, however, I will lose my benefits.  I became in touch with what I value in this world most and that I can have it all.  It’s so simple and positive that I believe Mark is a true master at how he conveyed they information with his workbook and audio book.  The days were informative, thought provoking and ultimately life-changing.  No pressure – everything was intense but low-key at the same time.  Huge success for me!”  Female from Oahu – issue:  Drinking


“I would recommend Treatment Camp to others.  It was a great atmosphere,, great leadership, amazing message and life changing program.”  Male from Oahu – Issue:  Meth


“Treatment Camp is like no other.  It is a wonderful and out of the box program that works wonders.  I highly recommend this program to anyone with any kind of addiction.  Mark is an amazing soul and is able to connect with anyone on all types of levels.  Thank you Mark for us remarkable experience.”  Female from Oahu – Issue:  cocaine and drinking


“Treatment Camp creates a different way to look at sobriety.  It is a positive way to look at the addict and not to condemn them.  The program is designed to help the person struggling with addiction without any negativity.”

Male from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“The New Horizons program and approach gets to the root of human nature causes of why we fall into the pit of addiction and, more importantly, offers a concrete solution of how to stop for good and protect yourself against relapse.  This program was sometimes surprising but deeply meaningful and has truly saved my life and the lives of anyone my addiction may have ruined in the future.  Its “the real deal.”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“Mark Turansky is an example of a very knowledgeable individual who has a very extraordinary way of addressing addiction and relationship programs  I also consider him a friend – he has ‘open arms.’  If you are struggling with addiction or relationship problems that I would highly recommend this camp.  Mark will always be a friend and mentor to me.  I wouldn’t change anything about the weeklong experience, it was awesome!”  Male from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“This program makes treatment positive – NOT a punishment.  It is a safe space for healing and learning.  Straight forward, real and full of heart.  Absolutely a valuable, powerful experience for which I am grateful.”  Female from Kauai – issue:  drinking


“Life changing!  Life Saving”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“Treatment Camp is chocked full of meaningful tools and life skills you can take home and start using immediately.  Its life changing.  A sure-fire method to grow and mature quickly for a group of people who partied too long and matured too slowly.  I love you Mark!  You are the most amazing and effective person I have every met!”  Female from the mainland states who flew in for the program – issue:  any drug she could get her hands on


“I would definitely recommend this program.  This program has literally saved my life and opened, not only my eyes, but my heart and soul.  Treatment Camp has been a life changing experience for sure.  This program is so powerful and inspirational, no matter what walk of life or problems you face, this is a game changer.  I am blessed to have been here.”  Female from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“Although I had reasonable doubts about coming here, I was initially at an understanding that this program had a different take on recovery and I was curious.  From the beginning, I totally succumbed to the love and empowerment that was here and the freedom that was given to each of us.”  Female from outer island – issue:  drinking


“Treatment Camp is life changing – more than I expected.  If you really want the tools to change your life, this is the answer.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  meth


“Treatment camp has a positive spin on recovery.  Mark DOES NOT treat your addictions if you are labeled and “addict” for life.  He uses common sense wisdom to prevent relapse in a truthful manner.  Mark is passionate about his work as a counselor and is living proof that by following this program one CAN stay clean, be recovered, and get the benefits that come with a life of sobriety.  I found this program refreshing and enlightening as opposed to other traditional treatments I have attended and I am confident if I do the work suggested, I will be able to stay clean this time.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with addiction.  This was good money spent – almost priceless to have learned what I did here.  Thank you Mark, your excitement and style of teaching shows you truly believe in this as it has showed in your own life and made me truly believe I can do this with confidence.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  meth


“I really enjoyed this camp.  It was not at all what I had expected.  The principles taught were very empowering and let ME make the choice and gave ME the tools to do so.  Mark was great.  He always was a good listener and speaker.  I would recommend this camp to everyone that is ready for recovery and a new life.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  drinking


“I would recommend this camp/program to others and I likely will.  Mark gives you the tools to move past your addiction and grow beyond your weaknesses for the rest of your life.  I have learned that everyone facing addictions is stifling their potential for happiness and Mark has helped me make that transition smoothly.  Personally, I really seemed to learn the most about myself when given the opportunity to speak in group settings.  However, I am a pretty introverted person so I really appreciated how I was prompted to share my thoughts in the group.”  Male from Oahu – issue:  prescription amphetamine abuse


“I would recommend this camp 100%!!!  There is not a feeling of judgment or anxiety here.  It is so relaxed it doesn’t even feel as if you are in therapy.  That comfortableness allows one to speak easily and freely about things they have never discussed or even thought of before.  Most importantly, it empowers you instead of instilling fear of the real worked once you leave.  I would recommend this program to addicts and non addicts alike.  It is an amazing leaning experience for anyone. The sessions were just long enough to get the work done without every getting bored and more than enough free time for you to work on yourself as well.”  Male from The Big Island – issue:  drinking


“I enjoyed the process very much.  The group dynamic was amazing – great people.  I never got bored, which is important to me.  I now have wonderful tools to work with and I am excited about getting started at home.”  Female – alcohol


“The camp was a life changing week.  I loved the simple straight forward tools.  The approach is positive.”  Male – alcohol


“The CBT and Choice Process curriculum were invaluable.  Just having the fresh ideas to change my mindset from seeing and saying things with a negative tone and turning into a positive was in itself sobering.”  Male – cocaine and alcohol.


“A very positive and uplifting camp.  I came here feeling down and negative about myself and I am leaving just the opposite.  Mark, keep doing what you do.” Male – alcohol


“I learned a lot about myself and my addictions.  In addition, I learned quite a bit about relationships and how we love by learning my own imprint love style.  Also, it was so great being right next to the ocean.  I would recommend this program because it is not religious and it’s the opposite of AA.  I thought it was great all around.  Thank you Mark!!”  Male – coke and alcohol


“This was a fantastic week in many respects.  Tons of great information given, presented in a wonderful and interesting way mixed with fun, good movies, good food, fellowship and amazing accommodations.  You really know your stuff Mark and it’s so obvious that you care about all of us and our sobriety and it reflects in the passion with which you present your program.  Loved it Mark!!!”  Female – alcohol


“I absolutely LOVE Treatment Camp.  I wouldn’t change a thing except make it longer.”  Male – alcohol


“I enjoyed everything, but a few things I really liked were the blind obstacle course, the coffin burning moment at fireside and the affirmations on our last evening together.  Mark, I enjoyed your stories and insight inot how everything can be framed differently.”  Male – amphetamines


“Despite the program being described as counter-intuitive, I found it to be exactly the opposite.  Everything from the natural environment to the program itself I found to be nearly flawless.  Best treatment I have ever been involved in by far.”  Male – drinking


“I would recommend this camp to others because it is a spiritual experience and a different approach to recovery.”  Male – Meth


“This is such a life changing, life giving experience.  I loved everything and all the experiences, movies, activities – nothing was wasted.  It was amazing!  I feel like this camp has been CPR to my soul and spirit.  I have a hope and happiness restored that I had lost a long time ago.  Mark and his staff are the most loving, amazing human beings I have ever met.  I am so thrilled that in my search, this is the place I came to find.  I don’t believe any other “help” would have made the impact that new Horizons has made on me.  Female - Drinking


“This is an outside of the box program.  The way the program addresses underlying issues and how to deal with them.  Also, exploring the relational component to addiction is very awesome.  The sense of personal empowerment is much stronger than any other program I have ever experienced.  Also, they made it fun.  I was allowed to bring my Frisbee gold basket for activities.  I also loved the location.  I was surfing every morning and lunch break.  They made recovery fun and rewarding.  Thank you for everything.  I will never forget this.  I was grateful to be a part of this living art.  Aloha, love and light.”  Male - drinking


“As a military officer, I needed addiction counseling and a resource for a therapeutic outlet that I did not fear would jeopardize my career.  The program was not only effective for my substance abuse, but it helped develop other aspects of my life.  I would recommend this program to others.  Male – meth


“This program used positive reinforcement.  I liked how they addressed relational issues and also underlying causes to give us a reason not to use rather than reasons to fear using.”  Male – drinking


“It is great to be at a place where I can learn and reflect my lessons is a supportive atmosphere.  To be at a place with no judgment.  It has been a very bonding experience with great new friends.”  Male – drinking


“I honestly love this treatment camp because it brought clarity to my addiction and just an awesome new way of dealing with it.”  Male – cocaine


“The Choice Process is amazing to me.  I know it will work in my life.  I haven’t found a recovery process to a new way of living that has made sense to me like this one has.  It’s like I’ve soaked I up and it’s now a part of me.  If I keep it watered, nurturing it, it will bring me my benefits!”  Female – drinking


“Treatment Camp is a short and sweet program, perfect for people with other priorities in their lives that need to be dealt with.  Its especially good if you are looking for something different than 12 step or AA.  The Choice Process is Awesome!” – Male – Opiate user


“Treatment Camp far exceeded my expectations.  When I first spoke to Mark he said it was going to be fun….and it was.”  Male – Drinking


“My experience with this program was awesome.  I never thought I could make a change in my life without someone pushing me around.  I really enjoyed listening to Mark speak.  He is the BEST person on earth.  I’m really thankful for this program.  It has helped me a lot.  My mind has a different view of life.”  Male – Ice user


“Treatment Camp is very liberating.  My choices are mine and mine alone.  I can….but I choose not to.”  Male – Drinking


“I feel that this program is so inspiring and helpful.  I have been to 3 rehabs that gave me no hope and no resolve.  Mark, you are an inspiration.  You are so smart and bright and I have learned more in these few days than all the books I have every read!  Thank you!”  Female – drinking


“I loved the information I got and I loved the mindset I have now come to.  Both were amazing.”  Male – Opiates


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